Patch V.5 In beta per Shenmue 1&2

Nuova Beta patch per Shenmue 1&2 su Steam.

SEGA ha appena ufficialmente rilasciato una nuova patch su steam contenente alcuni fix per Shenmue 1&2.

La Patch e’ disponibile in BETA, a cui e’ possibile accedere seguendo queste istruzioni:

  1. Fai clic con il pulsante destro del mouse su Shenmue I e II nella libreria del gioco e seleziona Proprietà.
  2. Seleziona la scheda BETA.
  3. Immettere la password luhIQLdMeQoDatbibCxK e premere il pulsante CHECK CODE (N.B. non premere invio, si chiuderà per errore l’intera finestra).
  4. Scegli la versione beta nel menu a tendina.
  5. Steam inizierà il download.

Potete trovare qui il change log della Patch.

Shenmue 1 & 2 Remaster Patch 5 Release Notes

• Improved the MIDI playback for various instances of background music.
• Fixed a MIDI playback issue that could cause “stuck notes”.
• Increased music volume when playing games in “Shenmue Collection”
• Fixed various issues with SFX.
• Fixed an issue that would cause the volume of some dialogue during combat to be controlled via the SFX volume option.
• Fixed various issues with lip syncing.

• Fixed an issue that would cause the money panel to sometimes continue to display over arcade games.
• Fixed an issue that would cause the clock to obstruct the score in Space Harrier.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong animation to play in the moves list UI.
• Fixed various issues caused by low UI scale values.
• Fixed an issue where the cassette player battery would sometimes display while viewing cassette tapes.
• Fixed various issues with help screens.
• Fixed various issues with the “completed game” save screen.
• Fixed an issue that would cause text to occasionally display with a blue outline.
• Fixed issues with missing prompts and missed input in QTE title when obtaining high scores.
• Improved the display of directional inputs when playing Excite QTE 2.
Graphical Issues
• Added the ability to adjust gamma values via the graphics options.
• Fixed the “A”, “B”, “X” & “Y” gacha colours.
• Fixed an issue with some cutscenes being incorrectly displayed in 16:9 with graphical issues.
• Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to clip through scenery in Bunkado Antiques.
• Fixed issues with Shenmue 1 shadows which caused them to appear “blocky”.

• Improved the controls while playing HangOn.
• Improved the controls while playing Afterburner II.
• Space Harrier and Afterburner II controls now no longer default to inverted.
• Fixed thumbstick issues when interacting with the Shenmue 1 Jukebox.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the forklift truck to become unstoppable.

• Fixed issues with move experience gains not working as expected.
o Experience gains are now correctly saved.
o The UI has been updated to show the experience progress since the last time the moves list was opened.
• Fixed an issue that would cause Gacha rewards to not be given when playing Space Harrier in Shenmue II.
• Fixed an issue what caused Ryo to not receive the certificate of completion after playing HangOn.
• Fixed an issue that caused the “Mini HangOn” gacha to be incorrectly awarded.
• Fixed occasional freezes while playing Space Harrier.
• Fixed an occasional crash when attempting to enter initials in Outrun.
• Fixed an issue where pausing while entering a loading screen could sometimes cause you to get stuck in the loading screen.
• Subtitles showing betting information for gambling mini-games are now localised.
• Fixed an issue that would cause snapshots to be corrupted when taken at certain resolutions.

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